Purpose of the foundation

Ownership committed to socially responsible activity.

The self-image of people who go through life with their eyes wide open is that they are interested in more than just one issue. Margarete Müller-Bull’s commitment played a big part in the success of the company, particularly the fact that she endeavoured to support research projects where she recognised innovative potential for Elektror. But she was equally passionate about helping ‘all creatures great and small’.

There can be no doubt that she felt a responsibility towards her employees at Elektror. In line with her traditional and positive entrepreneurial spirit, she thought of them as being like her ‘children’ as well as feeling a responsibility towards any of her fellow human beings who were in need and whom she often offered a helping hand.

Those close to her described her as being fond of animals with a particular liking for the German spaniel, a passionate hunting dog and charming family dog. Margarete Müller-Bull was actively involved with animal welfare during her life.

The purpose of the foundation reflects this broad range of interests, as she formulated in person in the statues of the Margarete Müller-Bull Foundation.

Humanitarian aid:

Guided by the strong conviction that ownership brings with it an obligation to engage in socially responsible activity, the foundation supports any activity dedicated to human health as well as research into and attempts at tackling illness.

Animal welfare:

In addition to its humanitarian work, the foundation also supports associations and institutions involved with preserving species diversity and promoting ‘animal-related living’. Spaniels, an animal highly admired by the founder, are the focus of particular attention. 

Science and research:

Another particular concern of the founder Margarete Müller-Bull was to promote science and research, preserve ethical values as held by western civilisation and develop them further in line with modern times. This may be achieved, for example, by awarding research contracts or supporting scientific institutions. Another key issue is to conduct research into developments and applications for medium-sized companies as well as research concerning the nature and purpose of Elektror, Margarete Müller-Bull’s company.