Educational opportunities for children

in Syria

The war in Syria has being going on now for eight years. A end to the strife is so far not in sight.

In a country in which education formerly enjoyed a high status and around 70 per cent of children and young people attended secondary schooling, the future prospects of a whole generation are currently hanging in the balance. The situation in the country means that access to primary and secondary education has dropped dramatically. Currently, around two million children in Syria attend school. Access to vocational education has declined by more than 60 per cent. Since the beginning of the war, unemployment has also risen steeply. It is estimated that 60 per cent of Syria’s able-bodied population is out of work, with a serious risk of both short- and long-term poverty for all of society. 

Thanks to the support of the Margarete Müller-Bull Foundation, as part of an educational project, Caritas international is giving a chance to 1,200 children who do not attend school due to the war, and a further 1,050 young people and adults who have not enjoyed an education or who wish to retrain. In a four-month catch-up course these children are brought up to a level at which they can take part in regular school teaching. They are issued school uniforms, the necessary school materials and break-time snacks. Together with other youngsters and educators, they organise their free time. Young people and adults who were unable to complete their education and people who would like to gain more qualifications are given the chance to take part in life skills activities that will unlock job opportunities for them. Many receive psychological support to help them better come to terms with traumatic experiences.